Miracles together with Modern society!

In ancient times miracles were considered a normal occurrence. Today, we do not often hear of miracles occurring. The incidents I hear about, which are classified as miracles, mostly deal with images. One individual supposedly found the image of Jesus in a bit of toast. There was the image of Mary on the face of a tree, and many more similar incidences. Needless to say, we sometime hear about man-made objects (such as statues) that either cry or bleed and are thought miracles.

It’s ironic that today’s miracles mainly deal with objects, where as miracles in the pass dealt with people. Things like the death suddenly hearing, or the blind suddenly seeing. Such miracles don’t seem to take place anymore, and we have seemingly stopped trying to find such incidents to happen. People did not alone stop trying to find miracles, instead, I genuinely believe that modern day society has psychologically trained us to no further expect divine intervention in our affairs as it is said to have happened during Biblical times.

Although we no further expect miracles to take place, our desire for them to occur can be as strong as it has ever been. Evidence of that is demonstrated by the large crowds that gather anytime it is announced a miracle has occurred. There are many locations around the world, which were credited with the occurrence of magic, that get thousands of visitors on a daily and/or annual basis. So, it may not be accurate to say that modern society’s inhabitants have lost its desire for miracles to happen inside their lives.

People today have a better knowledge of the connection between your head and the spirit. They are learning how to better control the ability of the unconscious mind, and have started initially to use it as something in personal self developmentĀ david hoffmeister free mp3. Though it is believed that people still only use 10% of their brains, every day we obtain a greater knowledge of powers of the human mind. Granted, the abilities and strength of the human mind (especially the subconscious) are still hidden to a level, but we’re learning how to develop and use that part of your head that will only be classified as divine mind power.

Modern society has experienced a big expansion in spiritual understanding. As opposed to waiting on divine intervention, we now recognize that that individuals are co-creators with the divine. We better recognize that the divine’s omnipresence ensures that the divine is within each of us, which also means that the miracles may also be within all of us.

Consequently, we can manifest our own miracles. Using the laws of attraction combined with the art of goal setting, we can see the magic of miracles manifest into our daily lives.

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