How do I Transition from Team Leader to Project Manager 

How do I Transition from Team Leader to Project Manager 

The market has been expanding itself to a larger extent in every passing day. To sustain in the market and to enhance profitability, more companies are engaging themselves into new projects. Project a short time endeavour of the company that is often linked with the production of a unique product. These products help the company to expand its reach in the market and enhance the profitability of the company. Large size companies often involved in multiple projects at the same point of time, which message necessary for the company to hire a professional who can handle the project.

Who is a Team Leader?

In large companies, there are multiple projects that are under progress. It becomes for one project manager to monitor each project thoroughly. In such a case, the project manager of science a leader to every team to fulfil the role of a manager for that particular team. A project is often done by a team that does not work together. Each member of the team has a unique set of abilities and knowledge which is bought together to enhance the overall functionality and achieve the managerial goal. The leader of the team is the one who distributes the work among the team members with respect to their working capabilities. He monitors the progress of work by every passing day and reports it to the project manager. The team leader is the person who motivates the entire team to work passionately to achieve the managerial goal. The team leader has a unique set of ability, which makes him capable of handling the working of a team. The leader performs all the activities of that of a manager for that particular team. He ensures that communication is maintained throughout the process to improve the quality of production and trust among the team. He has the ability to solve disputes that happened in the team to continue the project. The team leader is the one, and all the team members look up to in case of any confusion, he communicates all the data from the upper level of management so that understanding is precise. He Keeps the momentum by constantly motivating people to give the best while working for the project.


Who is a Project Manager? 

A project manager is a person who manages the entire project for the company. The project manager possesses a certification of excellence which makes a project manager unique and talented. In this generation, most of the companies look up to a talented product manager who can successfully execute the entire process. A project manager is highly skilled with all the necessary knowledge and tools which are mentioned in the PMBOK guide by the project management institute. It provides all the necessary details and structures that are required for executing the project. What actually makes the project manager very unique from other managers is that the project manager is trained to manage risks and successfully work with the backup plans in adverse situations. A project manager always wars thunder project structurally e starting from planning of the project to delivering the project. A project manager brings all the teams together to execute the single unanimous goal of the company successfully. The project manager motivates the team and working staff to work ok with all their capabilities. The project manager primary three factor that is the quality and quantity of a product and on-time delivery of the product. With these three factors, the project manager aims to hold on to customer satisfaction is the top priority.

The transition from a Team Leader to Project Manager 

There is a lot of difference between a project manager and a team leader for the same project. A project manager manages all the teams working for the project, and the team leader works on the proper functioning of that particular team. Team leader required a lot of skills to become a project. He has to learn how to plan the structure of progress for the project rather than just distributing work in the team. He was to identify the point of risks and come up with backup plans. These factors are very crucial and important to be a project manager. Along with that team leader requires a proper certification from the project management institute to work as a project manager.


These are the basic set of requirements one need to fulfill to have a transition from a team leader to a project manager.

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