Facebook Bans Online Casinos

What do these four things have in accordance on Facebook? Spy cameras, firearms, tobacco and gaming. These are all are unacceptable to be advertised on the world’s largest social network. Facebook is putting their foot down to any of these ads with strict enforcement. They have recently moved up their efforts to censor specific content from reaching their home page’s viewers.

Among the long list of disallowed content is a section code that disallows “gambling, including without reduction, any online casino, sports books, bingo, or poker. inches While the internet business of online gaming is successful, Facebook wants no area of the industry.

Online casinos are definitely not being singled out because there is a list of about 20 items that are also being ruled out. This includes uncertified prescription drugs, inflammatory faith based content, pyramid schemes and nudity. The goal is to protect their online community by implementing an advertising censorship that Facebook feels is in the best interest for their millions of devoted members. 123play

In regards down to it Facebook controls whatever content they want. In the future there will be new codes added to censor their site. They are clearly trying to set a standard of moral regulations, but for now don’t be ready to see any blackjack or poker advertisements that are related to online casinos. However, they do provide their own applications that are suitable and connected to fit their agenda. One can easily find a casino game of choice to stay entertained which also abides to Facebook’s advertisement prohibitions.

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