Various Learn how to Seek for a Black Truffle.

In Spain, the black truffle harvesting season is regulated by law. Because it is in many countries that are fortunate enough to own black truffles growing in the wild. In Spain, the black winter truffle season begins the 15th of November and ends the 15th of March.

Those who hunt truffles in the wild usually are very quite about where their truffle producing trees are located. In days gone past, the exact locations was passed down from father to son as a family group secret, no joke. Poachers were a continuing threat, stealing this valuable tuber. Poachers still really are a major threat even today.

In mid summer, a truffle hunter will usually have a stroll past his known black winter truffle producing trees. A dark truffle growing near the soils surface could make a bulge in the soils top soil layer. The truffle hunter will usually mark the location in some inconspicuous way, maybe planting a couple of seeds of wheat or barley, placing a stone nearby or leaving a twig.

A dark winter truffle producing tree, be it a holm oak or a downy oak, may have what is called a burn off or brule around it. The utmost effective soil surrounding the trees trunk may have a burnt or bare area. The weeds in this region may have stunted growth or look like they have been burned. This is the black winter truffle┬┤s defense mechanism killing off your competition that is growing above it ricette al tartufo. The soil will even have a spongy feel to it whenever you walk onto it, even thou the soil is dry.

The black winter truffle was hunted with a lady pig ( sow ) originally. People use now dogs as they are easier to teach and will eagerly hunt the black winter truffle as a game. Your dog does not have any interest in eating the prized truffle, the sow wanted the tasty morsel for herself. There also exists a truffle fly. This fly will lay its eggs on the ripe truffle.The fly will loiter around where it’s laid its eggs. The truffle hunter will walk with a stay, disturbing the area facing him with it. He usually walks with sunlight to his back, like that he is able to begin to see the fly easier. Once spotted the fly, the truffle hunter knows a ripe black truffle can’t be to far away.

It is just a really neat experience hunting the black truffle in the wild. But you are able to avoid all this is if you have your personal black truffle farm. Black winter truffle farms are great way to create a living. Be the first in your neighborhood your can purchase a dark truffle farm.

A Black Truffle Farm

I’m a dark winter truffle farmer in the North of Spain. My truffle farm is located on the outskirts of a town called Barbastro, Huesca, Spain. The truffle farm continues to be young and not producing any truffles yet. But, the near future prospects are great. A dark truffle farm is big business in Spain and other countries of the world.

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