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You can get audiobooks in numerous different ways, including retail websites which sell digital and CD audiobooks and audiobook subscription services. Subscription services, such as for example and Simply Audiobooks, allow users to hear audiobooks at a lesser per-title cost then purchasing titles individually, but additionally lock users into purchasing a title each month. Retailers that sell audiobooks on a title-by-title basis offer additional flexibility in how many audiobooks that a user can find monthly and often allow audiobooks to be purchased in multiple formats.

Out from the digital subscription services,, a subsidiary of Amazon, is the largest provider. Audible has significantly more than 85,000 audiobooks from significantly more than 1000 different content providers. Audible carries a wide selection of content, including best sellers, new releases and classic titles. Audible titles may be played on significantly more than 500 devices including iPods, iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, Amazon Kindles, PCs, Macs, Zunes and significantly more than 500 other devices. Audible has two subscription plans, one for $14.95 monthly and one for $22.95 per month.

Simply Audiobooks also includes a digital audiobook subscription service for the same price to Amazon, but includes a smaller library. In addition, Simply Audiobooks includes a CD audiobook rental club that works much like Netflix. The CD rental program provides free shipping both ways and unlimited rentals. The essential plan which allows users to have one audiobook title in the home at the same time starts at $17.98 monthly, with discounts for prepaying for annually at a time. Simply Audiobooks has approximately 6,000 titles available in its digital subscription service unlimited audiobook subscription service. Users can opt to pay $14.95 monthly, $24.95 monthly or $31.95 monthly to receive one, two or three audiobook credits per month. Simply Audiobooks also offers discounts for prepaying for 12 months of service.

eMusic also offers digital audiobook downloads. This service works much like Costco or Sam’s Club for the reason that users pay a flat, up-front fee on a monthly or annual basis than can find digital audiobooks online on a reduced basis. The service costs a base price of $11.95 monthly, then users can find audiobooks credits for $9.95 each. This service is effective for individuals who want to pay attention to a sizable number of audiobooks each month.

Audiotogo has approximately 23,000 titles in its library and includes a tape and CD subscription service. The service offers free shipping both ways and users might have multiple audiobooks in the home depending upon their service level. Prices range from $16.99 monthly to have one audiobook at the same time to $51.99 monthly to have five audiobooks at a time. Audiotogo also provides a fourteen day free trial offer to its service.

There are certainly a large number of audiobook services available. is obviously the largest one, but others exist too and can be a better deal depending upon your listening habits.

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